Full Moon in Virgo

We’ll be experiencing the Full Moon in Virgo @ 8 Degrees on the 27th February on this beautiful celestial rock we call Earth.  This energy will be a slight lift to the imbalance that we’ve been experiencing – especially considering the Saturn square Uranus aspect which we encountered last week and will continue to experience […]

New Moon in Aquarius

We’ll be experiencing the New Moon in Aquarius – 11th of February 2021 –  which will be a revolutionary and innovative energy with the 6 celestial body stellium in Aquarius: The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. This New Moon will be making a square aspect with Mars and Uranus in Taurus which can […]

Full Moon in Leo

We’ll be experiencing the cosmic commotion that is the Full Moon in Leo @ 9 degrees tonight and tomorrow (28th/29 January 2021).  This Full Moon will be dramatic, drastic and theatric as we’ll be experiencing a t-square aspect with Mars in Taurus and the Sun making a conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn which is taking […]

New Moon in Capricorn

We just had the New Moon @ 23 degrees Capricorn which pertains to the themes of releasing old attachments, patterns and self-protection. As the Sun and Moon makes an almost exact conjunction with Pluto – these planetary characteristics can be expressed within our human expression through the self (the Sun), our emotions (the Moon) and […]